CalmView v5.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Welcome to the Installation and Configuration Guide for Axiell's CalmView. CalmView makes your Calm records searchable online, and this guide explains how to install CalmView (or prepare to have it installed by Axiell), which aspects can be customised using its Configuration tool (referred to as the 'Configurator'), and which additional files can be customised using a text editor (one which supports Unicode).

Introduction to Installation

The Installation section describes how to prepare for CalmView installation by Axiell, or how to create your own CalmView website, setting up a development environment on which you will configure CalmView and a separate server that the public will use to search and view your Calm data. The minimum requirements for the machines involved in developing and running a CalmView website are detailed on a page in the Reference section.

The Configurator

The Configurator is a tool which allows you to edit many aspects of CalmView, including which fields are displayed on a record, whether images have watermarks applied, how the user can search, and more. The section 'The Configurator' covers how to use this tool, and pages here are listed in the same order as options in the Configurator, for ease of reference.

Additional Editing

Many CalmView settings can be configured by editing files directly, often in a text editor like Notepad. Many of the changes brought in by CalmView 5 (such as editing the appearance of the home page, the sidebar, or the main menu) are controlled by editing files directly. Please Note: You should only edit the files specifically mentioned in this guide unless specifically instructed to by Axiell.


Finally, the Reference section includes other helpful information, such as contact information for Axiell, a glossary of terms, frequently asked questions, and a quick reference that can tell you the correct place to go to edit a particular aspect of CalmView.