Record Showcase

The Record Showcase allows you to highlight a selection of records that might interest visitors to your CalmView site. Showcase records are served up to visitors on the home page, in the sidebar when a visitor is looking at search results or other pages, and can be viewed on their own Record Showcase page (shown below).

The Record Showcase, showing three records with images, Titles, and Descriptions for each

When you choose the Record Showcase option (underneath Showcases) in the Configurator, a screen, as shown in this example, will appear:

The Record Showcase option under the Showcases option

To add a record to the Showcase

  • Open the Showcases section in the Configurator and then Record Showcase
  • Click Add and a line reading 'New Item' will appear in the box above
  • Click 'New Item' in the box above. You may have to click it and then use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to select it
  • Enter information in the fields as discussed below. Fields highlighted in red in the Configurator are mandatory
  • Press Save to save the changes

Image Id

The field which links to images on your Calm records will contain the filename, and perhaps some elements of the path, for the images they display. You may have to press F9 in Calm to display this data. The ImageId field in CalmView should display the same content for those images you wish to showcase. 


The contents of the RefNo field from the Calm catalogue record that you wish to showcase.


Text you enter here will be displayed in the list of records in the showcase.


The system name for the Calm database that contains the record you wish to showcase (the same name used in the Admin program). In the records showcase the Catalogue database is the only one which may be used. Please note: the catalogue database is called Catalog and this spelling should be used here.


Text here will be displayed alongside the image wherever this record is displayed.